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Online Reservation

Please choose from the following packages below. As we are based out of Stratford, Connecticut our packages are grouped and priced by the labor for catering and time for travel to your location. Serving times range from 30 minutes to 1 hour but more time can be additionally added. Each package specifies the included number of ice creams to be catered (not the estimated or actual guest count) at your event. In the event that you choose to continue beyond the servings catered over the amount specified in the Appointment description the Server will simply individually tally each ice cream catered thereafter and add it on to the total bill at the end. The Server will give you a courtesy serving count as you approach the Appointment limit and will extend to you the Option For Additional Consumption to continue serving beyond the package. If you choose to decline the Option For Additional Consumption then the total cost for your event will be the specified cost in whichever package that you have chosen below.  Please contact 203-992-2000 if you have any questions about your reservation or logistics for your upcoming Special Event.

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