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Premium Ice Cream Truck Menu

- Soft Serve Vanilla

- Scooped Ice Cream

- Novelty Ice Creams

- Waffle Cones

- Sundaes

​- Rainbow Sprinkles

- Chocolate Sauce

- Whipped Cream

- Peanuts

- Milkshakes* (additional $1 per serving with advanced confirmation)

 Novelty Ice Cream Truck Menu

The Novelty Ice Cream Truck has a large selection of pre-packaged assorted ice creams. Products include cones, popsicles, sandwiches, frozen fruit bars, cups and more. We can customize the menu to meet your needs for example if the menu must be Kosher only or if we have to accommodate for Peanut-Free allergies. The below examples represent about half of (but may not be included) in the menu that the truck will have on site to serve. Due to supply and demand we may swap out certain products from time to time but the truck will always be fully stocked with at least 30 of our most popular selections.

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